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One particularly grey day found the travel bunnies heading toward Central Park in search of a little snow/ ice and the perfect photo opportunity. Having only tried a few days earlier to locate the infamous Waffles and Dinges food cart it was to my absolute delight that the other travel bunnie literally walked into it at the east corner entrance to the park. Now, for the uninitiated, a dinge is any number of different toppings that are placed on your waffles upon ordering and what is a waffle I hear you ask, only the very best dessert that you can order from a truck anywhere in the New York City!

We ordered one Brussels waffle with Whipped crème and one Liege with Nutellea. Even though many, many months have passed since we visited NYC I can still clearly remember how the freshly toasted waffles were crunchy on the outside and warm and gooey in the inside (particularly the Liege). As we strolled through the semi frozen paths of Central Park I was unsure whether when the time came I would let this little dessert secret out of the bag when I got home to blog about it but here I am..... and so the secret is out. NYC's best cheap eat!

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $12USD (excluding tips)

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Our next stop was for something a little more substantial before an early afternoon show on Broadway. After exiting Central park on the westside exit we headed into Columbus Circle and up to Bouchon Bakery. This foodcourt style, open seating cafe offers an array of beautiful pastries but after our earlier dessert for breakfast option we decided more sugar was not wise. I had an express lunch combo which came with soup and salad while the other travel bunnie wanted a Gruyère and ham sandwich which was also a tasty, quick option for bunnies on the run. We were lucky to even get a seat given it was the peak of lunch time but the food was light and tasty enough to justify the wait.

A little French flair on the fly cost these bunnies $20USD(or thereabout).

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