Lady Marmalade Cafe | 269 Logan Road, STONES CORNER QLD 4120

So how good is Lady Marmalade?! The other travel bunnie and I had been past this quiet little corner eatery so many times before but it seems like there was always some reason we couldn't try it.

Well today everything fell into line and as soon as we found a car park right in front and a table just next to it we knew we were in for a good breaky. The menu is set as all day dining which I find really cool as trendy places like this can experiment with dishes that really set the menu apart. Other than some non-eventful beverages (a pot of earl grey tea and a bottle of juice) the whole experience was exactly what you want for a Sunday breakfast. I ordered the Hanoi style steak sub ($14.50) and from the very first bite I was in love. The shredded beef brisket was just oh so tender and the sauce and crispy toppings mixed with nam jim and bungalow mayo meant that my dish disappeared before the other travel bunnie even got a chance to ask to try it. The other travel bunnie ordered the 'Gringo' baked eggs w' wagyu, chorizo and blackbean ragu with feta ($13.50) and he was equally in love with his dish. The herbs and beans in the dish were all strong flavoured but with the runny eggs and crisp dipping bread the dish really came together.

While the bunnies couldn't decide on which dish was best, we could decide on one thing, there would be no excuses on making a return visit.

Total bunnie dollars spent: $36

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