Brent's the Dining Experience | 85 Miskin Street, TOOWONG QLD 4066

For someone with a sweet tooth, having a dessert degustation for dinner sounds like a perfect idea to kick start a weekend.

And that’s how we spent last Friday night.  We enjoyed a five-course dessert degustation at Brents Fine Dining in Toowong.

We had been to Brents once before for an art class and at the time, I was intrigued by their vegetable garden at the rear of the restaurant.  Besides vegetables, the garden was also filled with beautiful edible flowers and micro herbs.

At $45 per person, the dessert degustation will take your senses and taste buds for an incredible ride.  The presentation of the dishes are artistically breathtaking, not to mention that the flavours were equally interesting (and dare I say innovative).

My personal favourite of the night was the second course -  Violets & raspberry, kush lapis & hazelnuts.  I was taken by the presentation and the wonderful combination of the ingredients.  The other travel bunnie, however found the fourth course - Chai & lemon to be his favourite as he said not only was there such a vast variety of layered textures but the sweet elements were well balanced with some of the gels and other parts that went to making up the dish.

I enjoyed the fact that the dessert degustation provides a vast variety of different ingredients and elements to the two-hour experience.  If you want to try something slightly different for a change, I suggest that you give it a go.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $90.

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