C'est Bon, 609 Stanley Street, WOOLLOONGABBA QLD 4102

The other travel bunnie and I recently completed the Insolvency Education Program provided by the Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia. It's really not that awesome, but nonetheless, a celebration was inevitable.

The other travel bunnie made a booking at C'est Bon, a dainty French restaurant located in Woollongabba. I've read too many great things about their crème brûlée and I couldn't barely keep my mind off it the night before before I went to bed.

Before being taken to our table, we were greeted by the lovely hostess with 'bonsoir madame, monsieur'. In contrast to the rainy, wet weather outside, the restaurant provided a warm, inviting atmosphere. The air was perfumed with the fresh lilies and the dazzling chandeliers added a certain touch of je ne sais quoi to the whole experience.

The food was superb. The escargots de Bourgogne (French snails served with garlic and parsley sauce; $17 for six) and raviole de fruit de mer (mixed seafood soufflé encased in pasta sheets, topped with a lobster cognac sauce ($17) were had for entrées. I absolutely loved the seafood soufflé and the lobster in cognac sauce was delicious. I wanted to lick my plate, but I thought that there was a possibility that I might freak out the couple sitting at the next table.

Our main meals were just as good. The other travel bunnie had carré d’agneau (rack of lamb, sided with capsicum filled with ratatouille, a thyme and garlic jus and creamy potatoes puree; $37) and for me, canard à l’orange (crispy organic free range duck, twice cooked in the over served with an orange and Grand Marnier sauce with creamy sweet potatoes and braised red cabbage; $37).

We hesitated about having desserts, but the dégustation de desserts ($32) seemed way too tempting to resist and I am so glad that we ended up ordering it. If the dessert degustation is too much, then I would highly recommend the crème brûlée ($16). Some say this dessert is big enough for two, but I am a huge fan of crème brûlée and I am yet to have seen/eaten one that's too big of a serving for me.

We enjoyed the experience at C'est Bon. It was definitely a great celebration.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $155.

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