Bonsai Botanika | 109 Elizabeth Street, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

Long before Bonsai Botanika officially opened, the other travel bunnie and I had set our eyes on this place as we watched the daily progress of its renovation and wondered who the new tenant would be.

Inevitably, when Bonsai Bontanika had its soft opening we happened to be walking by and popped in for lunch.

I loved the gorgeous and spacious design of this three-level cafĂ© / restaurant.  The light wooden earthy theme sets it apart from its nearby competitors, providing this place with a fresh aspect against the city’s hustle and bustle.  Limited menu items were available at the time of our visit.  The menu seemed pricey at first and I ordered (with some hesitation) a Kyushu Ramen ($19) while the other travel bunnie ordered a serve of Chicken Katsu ($20). 

We patiently waited and waited…and waited for almost 45 minutes before finally receiving our lunch.  Like most city workers, I only have one hour to spare for lunch every day and yes I do consider that one hour to be very precious. I probably wouldn’t have minded the wait if we received any acknowledgement from the staff, but there was none.  Nada.  The other travel bunnie thinks that I’m being too harsh on the wait staff however given that we visited during their trial opening.  But 45 minutes without acknowledgement, really?

I wish I had more time to enjoy the food as I quite liked the ramen, especially the thick and tasty broth, as well as the melt-in-your-mouth pork.  The chicken katsu was pretty ordinary and was more panko coating than chicken.

I probably wouldn’t mind going back there to try their desserts and coffee but only hope that their service picks up before I do.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $44.80 

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