Moga Izkaya and Sushi | Shop 2/146 Baroona Road, ROSALIE QLD 4064

It's been a hectic week for me and I am so glad that I can finally get relax on the couch with the other travel bunnie and watch a match between Liverpool and Victory. As I sipped on the hot Japanese green tea, I suddenly remembered that I still haven't done my review post on Moga.

Moga is a fairly new Japanese izakaya style restaurant opened in Rosalie. We happened to be in the area last Tuesday night and decided to try it out.

The interior of Moga has the ability to make you believe that you are in a small eatery somewhere in Kyoto. We were told by the waitress that the kitchen was closed for renovation or modification and as a result, a la carte was unavailable. Our only options was to have their sushi train and a few grilled meat on skewers.

I'm a big lover for sushi and anything sashimi, but to be bluntly honest, the sushi at Moga were no better than what you can get from the Hanaichi Sushi Bar in the city. And to think that we paid $18 for two skewers of dry bland beef, I can't say that I was overly impressed.

I can only hope that their a la carte items are somewhat more appealing.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $82.10

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