Shucked Coffee House | 9 Creswell Street, NEWSTEAD QLD 4006

Whoever wrote the New York Times article on “17 things that you must do in Brisbane” must’ve had a lot of time on their hands or perhaps didn’t wait too long for his/her food at Shucked Coffee House.

Being the foodie that I am, when I recently discovered this hip café, I immediately told the other travel bunnie to put it on our list.

So instead of heading to the Gold Coast for the weekend, we stayed in Brisbane and ventured out to Shucked Coffee House in Newstead for a sunny Sunday breakfast.

Located on a quite industrial street and hidden between newly developed apartments and a number of car dealers, the location of Shucked is just as out of the ordinary as its décor.

The place was literally packed when we arrived just a little before ten o’clock.  We waited for roughly around 10 minutes before getting a table in the garage turned funky dining space. ‘This place is full of hipsters, Anthony Bourdain would hate it’ the other travel bunnie said. I laughed and nodded my head. But I love this place. It’s quirky and unique, and it feels so alive.

The wait staff were all under the pump and the other travel bunnie and I wasted no time in ordering our meals. One salted caramel milkshake ($6.50) and a Nutella latte ($4) later, there was still no sign of our food. Minutes went by and all I could hear was the tick tocks of my watch and my growling stomach. My mood went from bubbly to grumpy. I ordered a pot of French Earl Grey ($4) to calm my nerves.

A while later, one of the waitresses came over and apologised for the delay and reassured us that our food wouldn’t take too much longer.

One hour went past and when the family of four sitting next to us finally got their meals, my eyes beamed with joy as I knew there was hope for us and our meals were close by.

It took us less than ten minutes to finish all of our food when it finally arrived sometime after eleven-thirty. My French Kiss – eggy brioche w’ bacon, caramelised banana, maple syrup and toffeed nuts ($18) was nice but the brioche was a little too soggy for my liking. As usual, I found the other travel bunnie’s Cactus Jack – savoury mince w’ poached eggs, pita chips, lemon, sour cream and coriander ($17) more flavoursome.

There is so much to love about this place, funky décor, friendly service and an awesome atmosphere. To be honest, Shucked probably does really good food too, but I find it difficult to justify waiting for more than an hour for breakfast while drinking out of a chipped tea cup. Then I remembered, waiting for hours is common in New York as I discovered on our recent trip to the USA (but more about that latter).

I would love to visit Shucked again on a quitter day and really enjoy the experience.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $49.50

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  1. Agree completely. I liked the food and funky decor (I had the savory mince too and really enjoyed that) but the wait was painful.