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You know, when you are with a man who treats you like a princess and takes you all over the world to travel and dine, it's very easy to lose yourself from reality and lat times I feel like I am living a life inside a bubble. You forget that, well, things actually cost money.

To show my appreciation, I made a reservation at Next Door Kitchen & Bar and took the other travel bunnie there for dinner last Friday. I had been wanting to go there for a while. Located next door to the ever so popular Ole, this casual dinning restaurant is always packed with people every time I walk past it.

Its menu is exactly like its ambience, light and pleasurable, suitable to be enjoyed with good company.

We ordered a few of their popular dishes, including gangster chicken wings ($9 for 8 pieces) and flash fried school prawns, smoked paprika salt ($14.50) with aïoli on the side. Both the dishes tasted fantastic. If the gangster chicken wings were spicier, it would've been a perfect dish. The prawns on the other hand, were irresistibly addictive, I could hardly keep my hands off them. Altogether, we shared four plates before we had their dessert special of the night, a trifle of chocolate, fresh cream and cherry jelly, which tasted divine, but the chef missed a pit in one of the cherries and it could've ended in disaster.

Whether you're a regular drinker or a cheap drunk like me, I'm sure you will take fancy of the bar menu at this joint, especially its unique and appealing cocktails. I had a Girl Next Door, I found the watermelon juice refreshing and it was a good drink to relax me and help switch my brain into weekend mode.

All in all, we had a fantastic time at Next Door Kitchen & Bar and I'm sure that you will too.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent:$98.50.

**Beginning of bunnie's gibberish ranting: I couldn’t believe that the bill came to almost $100. I know it was a dinner for two with drinks, but that's more expensive than a bottle of perfume from Jo Malone's limited edition Sugar & Spice range. All these times I've been dragging the other travel bunnie out for food, but until that very moment when I tapped my credit card on the EFTPOS machine, I had no idea just really how expensive dining out is, and we do it so often. So it was then and there, that I promised myself to cut down on our weekly dining out sessions. End of a bunnie's gibberish ranting**

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