Super Whatnot | 48 Burnett Lane, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

Super Whatnot is one of those places that I had been waiting to go to for a while but somehow always had somewhere better to be.

I found out that once a week on a Friday, Super Whatnot does lunch. So inevitably, without anywhere better to go to, last Friday's lunch was had at a table upstairs at Super Whatnot's two level restored space located of the newly renewed Burnett Lane in the CBD..

At lunchtime, the place was pretty quite which is very different to its usual over crowded ambience. The girl in behind bar initially ignored my presence, so I took two menus and found a table upstairs next to a window.

I had the bunnie hubby ordering our food and drinks and unsurprisingly, he received some rather cold service. Perhaps the girl downstairs was having a bad day.

Lunch was okay, nothing special and slightly unauthentic and overpriced. Or maybe the whole experience started on the wrong foot with no acknowledgement from the wait staff.

There must be a reason for the popularity of this place, I'm not willing to write it off just yet, perhaps my next experience will be better.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $37

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