Room With Roses, 35 Adelaide Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

I was hoping for good weather on Saturday, but the rain was pouring down when I got up. I helplessly looked at the other travel bunnie as if I was saying, our usual Saturday adventure has yet again been adjourned due to the stormy weather.

I aimlessly walked around the apartment for a good forty minutes before deciding on going for a walk downstairs to see if there was anything good to have for breakfast in town other than Brew.

We somehow ended up at Room with Roses on the second level of the beautiful Brisbane Arcade as the setting of this cafe was too inviting.

Service was pleasant. We had a traditional breakfast ($16.95) as well as their French toast with Canadian bacon and caramelised banana ($18.95). Both meals were tasty, especially the French toast as the bacon was cooked perfectly and the flavours of the dish were very well balanced.

If anything, the coffee that the other travel bunnie ordered was overpriced at $5.20. With so many good cafes around, I really don't know how they can justify that price.

I must say that Room with Roses manifests a sense of elegance and this is enhanced by the backdrop of the Brisbane Arcade. Having said that, there are a lot of other better breakfast options around at the same price range.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $46.60. 

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