Pebble Beach at Qualia, Hamilton Island, AUSTRALIA

When we arrived at qualia, we were asked by the hotel concierge if we had anywhere particular in mind for dinner. I was excited to try both of the well-known restaurants at the resort, the Long Pavilion and Pebble Beach, but I wasn't sure which one to choose for our first night dinner on the beautiful Hamilton Island.

We decided to take our golf buggy and explore the property.

And... that's when I saw Pebble Beach. Available exclusively to qualia guests or by invitation only, this restaurant is set on the resort's pebbled beach by the Coral Sea. It offers amazing panoramic views of the pristine water and lush islands, which makes it the perfect spot for a casual, relaxing lunch.

I wanted to go there and dinner was reserved at 7.30 for a table by the edge of the restaurant / beach.

We had a relaxing afternoon at Spa qualia before we turned up for dinner. A few tables were joyfully chatting away. Candles shimmered on the rainbow swirled dining tables and replaced the panoramic views of the ocean that I saw earlier that day - there was no lack of romance.

As soon as I saw the menu, I knew that I was in for a great gastronomic experience. Our starter, glazed chicken wings w' wasabi mayonnaise were perhaps the best chicken wings I have ever tasted! The entrée was followed by slow cooked lamb shanks and spatchcock w' stone fruit, both of which were perfectly cooked with beautiful presentation on monstrous wooden serving platters.

Our waitress was efficient and very polite.

I couldn't think of anywhere else better to go for dinner to celebrate the start of our marvellous honeymoon getaway.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $140 (or thereabouts).

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