Quan Thanh, 75 Hardgrave Road, WEST END QLD 4101

The other travel bunnie picked me up from work today so that we could go to a warehouse sale in West End. The sale turned out to be quite disappointing so we decided to leave after five minutes and as soon as we stepped outside, the rain started pouring down. The cold breeze picked up and I thought, wouldn't it be a nice night for a bowl of hot pho?

In no time, we arrived at Quan Thanh, a long established Vetnamese restaurant that also provides Chinese and Malaysian dishes. I didn't find the dishes too delicious. I mean, the combination beef noodle soup ($11.90) and the marinated pork vermicelli salad ($11.90) had all the usual ingredients, but something was missing, a certain flavour just wasn't there.

The salt & pepper quail ($7.50) was a quite nice dish to start with but.

In the end, we both agreed that we should probably stick to AJ Vietnamese Noodle House for the flavours that we want.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $38.70 

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