New Shanghai | 226 Queen Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

As we watched the horrendous storm outside our balcony on Sunday night, our thoughts were still centred on our empty stomachs. I had promised the other travel bunnie to make dinner for him that night but later on in the afternoon I changed my mind, which meant that there was nothing in the fridge to cook with.

I waited anxiously for the storm to pass so that we could head downstairs to the mall for some food. In the end, we were tired of waiting, so I chucked on a pair of Burberry rain boots and we headed to New Shanghai.

Ever since the opening of this Shanghainese restaurant, we've become quite the regulars here. Sometime we would have plates after plates of food, whereas other times, all we need is one serve of pan fried crab meat and pork buns ($13.50) with a plate of stir fried string beans with dried shrimps and garlic ($12.80).

I have previously blogged about this place, but I feel that I haven't done it justice by simply putting up some Instagram photos.

I wouldn't say that all the dishes are tasty, but most of them are and the value is great here. My favourite dish is definitely the pan fried crab meat and pork buns.

New Shanghai has become our favourite Chinese comfort food venue and on last Sunday, it satisfied two stomaches yet again.

On our recent visit, total Bunnie dollars spent: $55.40.

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