Bitter Suite, 75 Welsby Street, NEW FARM QLD 4005

I was in a rush to head back to the Gold Coast for the weekend, but commencing the weekend with a satisfying breakfast has been our ritual for a long time and I wasn't willing to head home having to break that ritual.

We wanted to go to somewhere close to the pad and Brew was the best option, but we had been there one to many times and it was time to try something new. Bitter Suite came to mind.

Located in New Farm, on the corner of Welsby and Lamington Streets, Bitter Suite is a well perceived beer bistro. Only recently did I find out that they also serve breakfast on the weekends and am I glad that we had tried it!

We arrived at Bitter Suite around 9:30 and most parts of the restaurant had already been filled. We sat down at a table close to the coffee machine and the aroma of freshly grounded coffee beans and perfectly poured coffee filled the air and instantly relaxed me.

Service was really prompt, professional but not pushy. Both drinks (a frothy vanilla milkshake and a mug of Earl Grey tea) and food came quickly.

Their breakfast menu is simple and yet it provides a good variety. I had the sautéed herbed mushrooms ($14) and the other travel bunnie ordered the Bitter Suite Big Breakfast (“BSBB”)($17) which came with loads of goodness including free range eggs, bacon, wilted spinach and best of all, black puddings.

The first and only time when I had black pudding, was on a ferry from Dover to Calais, the black pudding was so over cooked that it tasted like burned rubber. So as you can imagine, when the other travel bunnie asked me to try the black pudding on his plate, my whole face scrunched up with fear. But O-M-G, those black puddings tasted seriously good. They were moist and very well seasoned. I strongly recommend the BSBB, it's reasonably priced for what you get and it's a tasty dish!

We had a lovely breakfast at Bitter Suite and the atmosphere was great. Would we go back again? Most definitely.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $40.

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