Rodeo Drive, Beverley Hills, USA

We arrived in LA really early in the morning, which means that immigration and customs were quick and easy. We caught a Super Shuttle from the airport to our hotel at the L'ermitage in Beverley Hills ($15USD each plus tips). The trip didn't take too long but there wasn't any exciting sights to look at.

Our hotel was kind enough to offer us with early check-in and after an hour of rest, we were out and ready to see the famous Rodeo Drive.

I loved the fact that our hotel is located in a nice residential area and it's located only a short-walk away from one of the world's best shopping street. The walk from the hotel to Rodeo Drive is very pleasant with lots of greenery of perfectly manicured landscape along the way.

Rodeo Drive was decorated with Christmas ornaments and faux-snow, on top of that, delightful melodies of Christmas carols filled the clean, crisp air.

The shops were impressive, almost over the top. The shop assistants, both men and women were gorgeous and immaculately dressed (perhaps that's the reason why they can be slightly arrogant?).

My favourite shop has to be the Cartier shop, it's like a jewellery gallery inside. Remember to wear your sunnies inside, so the diamonds won't blind your eyes.

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  1. I am so jealous! Never have been in the US before!

    1. Beverly Hills is very pretty isn't it? Stay tuned for more posts. Thanks for visiting Missy :)