Riverbar & Kitchen, 71 Eagle Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

The morning after our arrival at home, I woke up with severe jet-lag. My head was still spinning from the fever that I've had since New Year's eve and all the drugs I'd been taken in an attempt to drop my temperature didn't exactly work in my favour.

I was extremely hungry but I could barely drag myself out of bed and my brain was empty with no idea as to where to go for food.

So, the other travel bunnie and I stood on the balcony in our pyjamas trying to come up with a breakfast option, and that's when we saw the bright yellow umbrellas downstairs by the river.

A new addition to the Brisbane's riverfront dining scene, Matt Moran's Riverbar & Kitchen has opened!

I quickly changed out of my pyjamas into a causal outfit, chucked on a pair of oversized sunnies and downstairs we went.

I am quite fond of the beach-house theme of this place, it works so well with the location and it screams Queensland. I found a table overlooking the river while the other travel bunnie placed our order at the counter.

We waited for quite a while for our drinks, a pot of Earl Grey and an iced coffee shouldn't take too long, so we thought. Until we spotted a waitress wandering around the spacious eatery with our two drinks, we realised that she was lost. I admit that the whole “take your number and we'll look for you” system is slightly ambitious for an establishment so big. The drinks were nevertheless great, with the iced coffee made to perfection.

The presentation of our breakfast was fantastic, the colours were vibrant and and smells were salivating. The other travel bunnie's Wood fired eggs, napoli sauce, beans, chorizo ($16)was clearly the winner compared to my Ricotta pancakes, figs, mascarpone, honey ($14), but that's not to say that my breakfast wasn't delicious.

Although there is room for improvement on the service, the atmosphere of Riverbar and Kitchen makes it a great place for catch-ups or casual dates and for a big name like Matt Moran, the prices at this place are extremely wallet-friendly.

Someone say, the bunnies have found their new hangout spot?

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $38.50

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