Brewbakers, 1/337 Sandgate Road, ALBION QLD 4010

When we ducked into a busy bakery located in Albion named Brewbakers we found all of the friendly staff dressed up as animals! We were told that every Saturday is their dress-up day and the previous Saturday was Halloween themed.

Albeit small, you are sure to be spoilt by a different variety of breads, pastries and bagels. Unsurprisingly, this bakery+cafe is extremely popular among locals.

We shared a cup of latte, a buttermilk doughnut and a bottle of sparkling water on the side. We sat outside of a small bakery, waiting for the rain to stop. We had already had breakfast across the street, but it was wet and I could not resist the temptation of a freshly based pastry with some coffee .

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $10.20. 

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