Carolina Kitchen, 38 Macaulay Street, COOPAROO QLD 4151

It was Friday night and I was ready for the weekend to begin. I went to the gym twice this week for the first time like, ever and I thought that some junk food was well deserved.

Not just any junk food, of course. I'm talking about Carolina Kitchen. A much raved about family friendly takeaway joint located in Cooparoo that does buffalo wings with blue cheese, juicy ribs and hoagies.

We've actually been there once before on a Saturday night and it was packed. It wasn't our lucky day and they were due to close in thirty minutes.

Fearing of missing out this time, I made sure that we got there on time.

The place started getting busy shortly after our arrival, but we managed to score a table. It wasn't an easy task as Carolina Kitchen only has five tables.

I thought that I might have went a lil' overboard with the ordering, twelve buffalo wings, New York fries, pumpkin bread and a chilli dog, with a can of cream soda. But after our dinner, I found out that Carolina Kitchen does a $40 package and instead of pumpkin bread, you also get ribs as well.

Carolina Kitchen is not good for a romantic date, or even a chic dinner affair. You hands will be covered in juicy sauce and you hair will end up smelling like buffalo wings, but in turn your tummy will be filled with calorie-packed soul food goodness.

I thought the New York fries was a little pricey at $7.95 and the pumpkin bread could do with some butter on the side, but despite all that our night ended with satisfaction.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $34.95

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  1. Hello Gorgeous!!! I've been passing this joint a couple of times now and always wonder what's inside....thanks for the review, looks absolutely yum! Wonderful pics =)Will definitely visit this place...

    1. thank you for your comment. this place is extremely popular, so don't go there too late at night. Enjoy! =)