Deer Duck Bistro, 396 Milton Road, AUCHENFLOWER QLD 4066

Do you remember the scene in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris when the clock strikes midnight and a 1920s Peugeot Type 176 car draws up beside Gil Pender and took him to a party where he met Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald?

I thought I had been transported back to that era when the other travel bunnie took me to Deer Duck Bistro last Friday night.

Discretely located on a suburban street in Auchenflower, Deer Duck Bistro took my breath away when I laid my eyes on it. I put my hands against the window and looked inside at the vintage furniture and the old paintings, I was immediately drawn to its old world charm.

Our table was positioned at the front of the restaurant, in a dimly lit room among three other tables all with mixed and matched antique dining chairs. Our host insisted that I check out the larger room at the back, which I more than delightedly obliged. And I'm glad that I did, because it reminded me of the hotel that the other travel bunnie and I had stayed in Hyde Park, which used to be a private residence for the mistress of Edward VII. If the front of the restaurant was like a nostalgic shop mesmerising the beautiful golden era, then the back room offers a slight taste of a British nobleman's manor.

Friday's three-course set menu is $65 per person, a very reasonable price for what you get in my opinion. We started our meal by sharing a beautiful selection of hand crafted tastes, terrine and pickles with breads. I was never a big fan of duck liver pâté, I've always found the taste to be too rich and exotic for my liking, but their duck liver pâté with orange blossom was truly delightful.

Our mains were Gooralie farm pork belly, apple, morcilla, carrots, scallop and Salt bush lamb belly, parsnip, carrots, eggplant chips, olive gel, turnip, pedro ximenez. Both dishes were craftily presented like artworks. Those pieces of crispy skinned pork belly and plump scallops looked so delicate that I didn't know where to start with my meal.

Both mains were outstandingly tasty which made me wondered what dessert would be like. But when I saw the description of one of the dessert options, I hesitated. Textures of Carrots? What would that be? Sliced carrots, smashed carrots, steamed carrots and caramelised carrots? I was eager to find out and told my host that that was the dessert I wanted, to which he replied “Excellent choice, madame”. Hmm, was he being sarcastic? The other travel bunnie let out a evil laugh as he ordered the much safer option, Apple and rhubarb crumble, walnuts, green apple sorbet.

I was stunned when I saw my dessert. Like the rest of the dishes, it was beautiful and nothing like what I had imagined. It was essentially a deconstructed carrot cake but so much better!

I have to say that both of us had a great time at Deer Duck Bistro and it was definitely a charming culinary affair worth going back to.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $139

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  1. Looks wonderful. taste buds drooling. going to have to try it soon.

    1. I absolutely loved it! You should definitely try it out. :)