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You know there are simple moments in life that can just bring immense happiness. I experienced one of those moments last week over dinner one night and I just had to share.

It was mid-week which usually doesn’t warrant too much excitement. We had a dinner reservation at Salt Meats Cheese, an Italian restaurant that opened in the booming suburb of Newstead not long ago, and given that we live not far away from the area, any new restaurant that does good food is indeed very welcomed.

Once seated, we were presented with the menu - a laminated A4 piece of paper with food options on one side, and drinks on the other; simple, easy to read, fuss-free. But we were there for one thing and one thing only - their Wednesday night special. Drumroll please… between now and the end of THIS month, Salt Meats Cheese does flaming cheese wheel pasta every Wednesday night. Yep - trust what your eyes just saw. First things first, our host recommended two cocktails - Aperol Spritz and Bellini Diferente, classic Italian and absolutely delicious.

While the other travel bunnie and I waited for our pasta to arrive, Minibun George received his Bolognese from the kid's menu, which he wasted no time in devouring. Okay now comes the climax of the whole dining experience - as I watched our host pushing a trolley over in what played out like a slow-motion scene in a movie where boy meets girl for the first time, my heart started pounding, my mouth automatically opened and I began drooling… I’m talking about a MASSIVE wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano being heated up with a blow torch right in front of our eyes, the cheese slowly melting, sending out an intoxicating smell that suspended in the air. I watched the pasta being tossed and turned in that melted wheel of deliciousness, and as if that wasn’t enough, our host then drizzled a rich and creamy truffle sauce all over the pasta. It was so simple, with so few ingredients yet the dish tasted absolutely divine. There’s really no other way to put it.

I’m really hoping that they put the cheese wheel pasta permanently on the menu because something as amazing as that deserves to be enjoyed frequently…

Disclaimer:  with thanks to Salt Meats Cheese for welcoming DolceBunnie & family to the property as invited guests, please note that my opinion is as always, my own.

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