Luk Yu Tea House, Central, Hong Kong, CHINA

If you walk into Luk Yu Tea House thinking that this place has a very unique, almost ancient atmosphere, it's because it is old. Opened in 1933, the restaurant has made a good effort to retain it's traditional way of serving good yumcha. I remember reading from the description of this place in a travel guide and it explained that even the waiters from this restaurant make you feel like they are from the Qing Dynasty.

Despite the waiters age, we received some exceptional service, our tea pot was never empty and our empty dim sim trays were cleared quickly.

Although it had slightly higher prices than the average yumcha restaurants in the area, Luk Yu serves some seriously good dim sims and it's morning tea is like no other.  They are also famous for their roasted chinese-style ham, which we ordered and I think the ham disappeared within seconds.

Luk Yu tea house is a fantastic place for you to sit down,  sip some tea and take your time to enjoy the art of the traditional chinese cuisine (part of it anyway) and literally sink your body and mind into the surroundings.

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