Fuk Kee Congee, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, CHINA

Located amongst the busiest streets of HKG and being one of the most famous congee eateries in this bustling city, Fuk Kee Congee was a must to visit.  We got there fairly late one night after wondering the nearby markets, craving for some good roasted goose.

This restaurant is nothing fancy. Plain tables and cheap chairs but with a constant chopping sound in the background, you know it's gotta be authentic. We shared a table with a local couple, when the husband heard us ordering plain congee with a plate of roasted goose, he turned and said to his wife “as if that gwai lo (literally means “ghost man”, normally referred to by the HongKees as foreigners) would like it, does he even know how to eat it?” Little did he know that the other travel bunny is just as Asian as I am, if not more.

And yes, did we surprise him with our skilful techniques of eating that fat, glossy looking goose. Words can not describe how good it was. The congee was a good balance, as it was simple and smooth, with a tiny hint of sweetness to it.

We had a great night of sleep with a tummy-full of congee goodness.

Bunnie Dollars Spent: $70HKD.

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