Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)| Hong Kong, CHINA

We didn't have long to spend in Hong Kong as it was only meant to be a short lay-over for us before we took a ferry across the sea to Macau to watch the world renowned production - House of the Dancing Water.

Our initial plan after dinner at Shang Palace was to jump into a cab, dance our hearts out at LKF, grab a late night supper at Tsui Wah Restaurant before crashing out on the comfy bed at the W. That never happened, because trust me, if you had seen the crazy cyclone that night, you would have made the same decision as us, go back to the hotel, soak in the tub and snooze.

I am however getting a little off the topic, but my point is, since we had a relatively early night, we woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed. I decided to drag the other travel bunnie out of bed to the Australia Dairy Company.

Located in the residential area of Jordan, Australia Dairy Company is known for their long queues, extremely bad service and chaotic ambience. Why did we go there? Well, I figured that if a place with such bad service can be so in demand, then there's got to be something unique about it.

We got there extremely early and didn't even have to queue, but we still had to share a tiny table with two other people. Not that I was complaining. The menu here is simple, for breakfast, there's the breakfast set ($28HKD) and a few other a la carte items can be ordered.

Both of us had the breakfast set which consisted of buttered white toast with scrambled eggs, macaroni and ham in chicken stock soup and your choice of tea or coffee (additional $2HKD if you want a cold drink). In addition to that, I also had a serve of their famous steamed milk custard ($23HKD).

The other travel bunnie wasn't too impressed with the breakfast and to be bluntly honest, I don't understand what the fuss is all about. However, having said that the scrambled eggs were buttery and silky smooth, and the steam milk custard was creamy and tasty. Would we go back again? Perhaps not, but it was good to experience a traditional cha chaan teng style breakfast.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $83HKD 

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