Sweet Dynasty, Canton Road, Hong Kong, CHINA

Canton Road just wows you oh so much. I've never seen queues after queues of people waiting so desperately to get into designer boutiques. Yes, I have dragged the other travel bunnie to queue with  me at a few shops and then something hit me: “why would I waste my time standing under the heat with a thOUsand other materialist people?”.

So I took the other travel bunnie to Sweet Dynasty. It was like jumping into a time machine, because you immediately step into serenity (with a hundred other people wanting to get the same dessert as you). Despite its prime location, the prices here were very reasonable.

I, being out there to broaden my travel horizons, ordered a white fungus bird's nest dessert of some sort and the other travel bunnie had a mango pudding (safe and a delicious choice).

Sweet Dynasty was our sweet getaway.


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