Spring, 26 Felix Street, BRISBANE CBD 4000

We witnessed Spring coming into existence. The beginning of a new chapter for the BNE foodies. 

It was our daily ritual to walk past the shop everyday after work on our way home. We would put our hands on the window and peek inside, hoping to catch a glimpse of… well, anything.I know it sounds like a freaky act, but the corner of Felix & Mary has been lifeless for months and we prayed (very faithfully) for something new and exciting to happen. 

So as you can imagine, when the first stage of Spring finally opened we couldn't get changed out of our pyjamas fast enough to rush downstairs for some breakfast and coffee. Spring comprises of not only a restaurant/gourmet takeaway, it also has a cooking school, a shop (for kitchenware, recipe books, gourmet sauces and much more) and a bistro. Seriously, this is exactly what BNE was in need of! 

There weren't much to choose from for breakfast, so we ordered most of the items that they had on offer. I was quite surprised that a shop like Spring didn't stock any caramel syrup but the coffee was good without it regardless. The lightly toasted bun with bacon was really tasty and the raspberry macaron… light and sweet on the outside, creamy in the centre. We paid a little under $20 and they even came in pretty paper boxes (which really reminded me of the LEGENDARY French pâtisserie Ladurée)

I can't wait to see everything this Spring has to offer. 

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