Kapari Natural Resort, Santorini, Greece

I have always been longing to go to Santorini since the first time when I saw a beautiful photo of the caldera, its blue domed churches and white washed houses. 

Our three night stay at the Kapari Natural Resort put a perfect final touch to our amazing European holiday and made my dream come true. The resort is situated just far away enough from Oia to avoid the crowds of tourists, but close enough for you to take a scenic walk to Fira. I absolutely loved the location of Kapari, as it provides you with the best view of the caldera and the most gorgeous, romantic sunset (everyday!).

Our room had a very convenient access to the resort's infinity pool and the most breathtaking view of the endless blue waters. The room was spacious and it even had a traditional Cycladic style fireplace. 

On the first day of our arrival, the resort's manager told us that the location of Kapari offers a better view of the sunset than Oia (which is famous for is magical sunset), I looked at the hub with doubts but decided to watch our first Santorini sunset at the resort just to be polite. OH MY GOD. The sunset was MESMERISING. After an unanimous decision, we never ended up going to Oia for its sunset. 

Our stay at the Kapari Natural Resort was oh-so-wonderful and I can't wait to go back to Santorini (**hint hint Hunny**).

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