Sanitarium Kitchen, 145 Eagle Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

On a recent lunch outing, my friend & I decided to check out Sanitarium Kitchen, located in the very busy central business district of Brisvegas. 

As the name suggests, this healthy vegetarian cafe is owned by Australian Health and Nutrition Association Limited, trading as Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Company (you know… the company that makes Weet-Bix). 

This place gets extremely busy around lunch time as the white collars escape from their cubicles for some sunshine and fresh air, so food can take a little longer to be prepared and served.

We ordered pumpkin risotto and  linguine w' olives, baby spinach & goat cheese, I also had a smoothie to drink. 

My pumpkin risotto had a very creamy consistency and tasted really pleasant. The smoothie however, tasted way too healthy for me (a rather important point to note: I am a self-confessed Maccas lover). It just felt like I was drinking a bunch of freshly harvested carrots topped with soil. 

I think Sanitarium Kitchen is the perfect place to go to when you had a crazy weekend of eating Maccas (or was simply being a carnivore) and it's an awesome idea to provide healthy lunch options for the inhabitants of the Brisbane CBD. 

I noticed that their curries are also really popular and that's what I'll be having on Monday. 

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