Lefkas Taverna, 170 Hardgrave Road, WEST END

Lefkas has been around for a long time, since 1991. It’s a restaurant that provides traditional home cooked Greek cuisine and a place that I had wanted to visit for ages. 

Having always held a deep fascination for traditional Greek cuisine, the other travel bunny and I arrived at this restaurant situated at the bottom of Hardgrave Road in West End on a busy Friday night. 

The place was filled with foodies. 

We wasted no time in deciding on what to eat and immediately ordered. 

We had haloumi cheese ($6.90), grilled eggplant ($8.50), skordalia dip w’ pita bread ($8.50) and grilled quails ($19.90) for entrée.

And haloumi cheese (χαλούμι), OMG, do you really need me to say anymore about the cheese? It is highly recommended, a must try. (**beginning of a bunny’s gibberish ranting**  okay, I know this might sound a lil’ strange, but haloumi with watermelon is a really good combo for the summer months. The main ingredients required are haloumi, watermelon and fresh mint, hmmm I should do a blog post on this… **end of a bunny’s gibberish ranting**)

We shared a chicken yiros served w’ greek salad & tzatziki ($20.90) for main. The chicken, wow, soooo tasty. Tzatziki (τζατζίκι) is one of my favourite dipping sauces. It’s a traditional Greek mezze made of Greek yoghurt mixed with fresh cumcumbers, garlic, dill and olive oil.

Lefkas also does take away and during the whole two hours we were there, they served non-stop.

I have to admit, I enjoyed every bit about that place. It’s a must-visit for foodies.

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  1. me too!!! it is such an awesome restaurant. great food. ^ o ^