Little Singapore Up Town, Shop G14b Albert Lane 191 Albert Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

I like Little Singapore, the one that's tucked away in Albert Lane.

It's simple.

You get the menu, you order, pay, sit and collect your food when it's ready.

It's the ultimate chinese fast food joint without the Maccas/KFC atmosphere. The restaurant is bright lit, decorated with the colours of red and white. Its wallpaper is a highlight.

The other travel bunny and I came to this place one night for a quick bite. He ordered his favourite Char Kwai Teow ($10.50) and I had the Butter Herbed Chicken ($10.50). Both were under $15, both were generously served (no no, I mean it!) and both were absolutely delicious. I'm not quite sure what the secret ingredient was, but the herbed chicken... WOWed me.

Their coffee tea ($3.80) however, was a little disappointing. It sort of tasted watery (if you know what I mean...).

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  1. hiiii, i really love your food blog, u should put pictures of yourself

  2. 海南雞飯 from little singapore is my weekly must-eat.. haha

  3. Chantille, i've never tried Hainan Chicken Rice from there. Looking forward to my next visit! Thanks for sharing.