Pineapple Express launches new all day menu

Pineapple Express in Hamilton is one of my staple go-to cafes, especially when I’m in the mood for some healthy treats (without sacrificing the taste), or when I’m simply in the mood for one of their peanut butter & chocolate smoothies… mmm… yum! So when I found out that they now offer a brand new all day menu, I was so keen to try it out.

Available seven days a week, the new menu boasts ample selection of superfood choices, everything from acai bowls to delicious smoothies, and if you are after something more substantial, you can have sliders, or dippy eggs, or pancakes. If you want to eat like a royal, I strongly recommend the Pineapple’s Share Board, which comes with two mini breakfast bowls, poached eggs dusted with dukkah, black forest bacon, pulled pork, ripened avocado, beetroot relish, halloumi, housemade hash, served on rye sourdough. The share board is designed for two, and trust me, they are extremely generous with the serving.

Try it out yourself, you’ll love the new menu at Pineapple Express!

Disclaimer: with thanks to Pineapple Express for welcoming DolceBunnie to the property as an invited guest, please note that my opinion is as always, my own.

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