A surprise celebration cake by Michel’s Patisserie

Last week, we celebrated a tremendous career milestone for the other travel bunnie. After work on Tuesday, I brought a surprise cake home to have for dessert. The cake was specially made by Michel’s Patisserie according to my instructions. Sounds fancy, right? Launched just recently, Michel’s Patisserie is now offering the opportunity to their customers to design their own surprise cakes. I jumped at the review opportunity.

Having tasted the Mortal Sin cake by Michel’s Patisserie, I had quite high expectations for this surprise cake, but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn't amazed when I was presented with the finished product. With just five simple steps, my specially made cake looked just like it was straight out of a Gourmet Traveller photo shoot. The ordering process was a breeze. Starting off with choosing the base size, I ordered a small ($24.90) with chocolate sponge, however you have the option to choose a tiered cake if that tickles your fancy (trust me, I thought about it, but then remembered that my personal trainer might not be pleased). I think the hardest part of the whole ordering process was deciding on what topping to have. When you have options like rocky road, chocolate delight, chocolate malt, choc sparkle, and the list goes on, you can understand my dilemma. I settled for a berry topping ($10 extra), and they were so generous with the berries! Do you know how expensive they are these days? The cake was then finished with chocolate plaques neatly placed on the side and wrapped with a perfectly tied purple bow.

The cake tasted so good. The sponge was airy and chocolaty without being too sweet. The layers of chocolate sponge were separated by vanilla cream and just a thin layer of strawberry jam, which added freshness to the rich texture of the cake. I know this sounds really bad, but we managed to smash the entire cake that night. It was a guilty pleasure that we simply couldn’t resist.

Disclaimer: the cake was provided to the bunnies free of charge courtesy of Michel’s Patisserie, however my opinion is as always, my own. 

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