“Love you longtime” I thought to myself as I wiped my mouth with a crisp white napkin. I had just finished dinner with the other travel bunnie on our date night (yep, it’s a thing now. We get to ditch Minibun George every Friday to have a few romantic hours together. And by romantic, I mean, being able to eat dinner in a civilised manner, without constantly having to make funny faces to George, or simply being distracted by George’s awesomeness. Parents, you understand how it is).
Our dinner date started with us wandering around the backstreets in the Fortitude Valley, looking for a little alleyway the nests the much talked about drinking house and Thai eatery LONgTIME. The dimly lit space was filled with music, chatter and various sound effects from the kitchen which can be joyfully observed from the bar seats.
After a quick browse of the food menu which is printed on the back of the place-mats, we decided to share the longtime pulled pork hock bao with fried egg & pickled green ($4), soft shell crab bao with apple slaw ($4.50) and the damn son in law eggs with coconut cheese sauce ($4) for entrées. The first time that I had son in law eggs was at Chin Chin in Melbourne, and from then on if it’s on the menu, I've gotta order it. There’s something about that gooey, golden liquid mixed with sweet and spicy sauce that I just can’t seem to get enough of. The baos arrived one after the other and both were quite tasty albeit not mind-blowing.  The heavyweight was the whole crispy fish with pork belly, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and red nahm jim($47). It’s an impressive dish to look at, so much so that the table next to us immediately changed their order when they saw the dish arriving at our table. The fish looked hard to tackle at first, but after we started digging, chunks of fish fillets were just there waiting to be devoured and every now and then, we got pieces of crispy pork belly and we sunk us into a world of utter deliciousness. The dish on its own was slightly dry and thankfully we had a side of egg net filled with fried soft shell crab, bay prawns, squid and smoked sriracha ($17). It was fittingly served on a plate in the shape of a fish, and it stole some of the limelight from the crispy fish which in my opinion made it my favourite of the night.
As I swallowed the second last piece of the fish, I was so full that I couldn't possibly eat any more food. But as they say, my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I decided to order a dessert. Yep - What was I thinking? The coffee panna cotta with dehydrated berries arrived and I proceeded to signal the other travel bunnie for help but he immediately threw his hands up in the air (shaking his head at the same time). I finished the dessert on my own. It was a nice, creamy dessert which I would've definitely enjoyed more, hadn't I been so full.
Until next time, LONgTIME.
Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $114.00

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