DINING IN - a sweet treat from Domino's

I spent a good chunk of Tuesday at the dentist so when the bell rang at 7pm and a bag of candy infused lava cakes from Domino's arrived at the door, my heart melted.

Now, I know some of you might say Domino's is famous for its pizzas but what do they know about its desserts? The first time that I tried desserts from Domino's, I was being skeptical as well, however I soon realised that my skepticism was completely unnecessary as the desserts were damn fine. Seriously, don't knock it till' you've tried it.

In addition to the classic Belgian choc lava cake, you can also indulge yourself with lava cakes with candy coasted chocolate, lava cakes with Starburst mixed berries, lava cakes with caramel fudge, as well as lava cakes with marshmallows. Now, I'm slightly biased because I honestly love the entire collection (I mean, wouldn't you if you could see the molten chocolate oozing out of the cake centre, sending an irresistible aroma in the air... screaming eat me, eat me NOW).

Check out the photos for some sexy dessertporn.

Disclaimer: the desserts were provided free of charge courtesy of Domino's, however my opinion is as always, my own.

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