Little Saigon Grill | 123 Albert Street, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

The other travel bunnie and I previously visited Little Saigon Grill back in the old days a lot before it relocated to 123 Albert Street. Back then, we would have their Vietnamese rolls all the time, especially the duck roll, it was my favourite.

But now days, Little Saigon Grill has a brand new shopfront and a much more attractive menu. Last week, mum came over to visit Minibun George and I decided to introduce this frequent lunch spot of mine to her.

Little Saigon Grill gets extremely busy at lunch time, so if you see an empty table, be sure to grab it before it gets snatched by someone else. Pho ($11.90) is such a classic Vietnamese dish and that's what I ordered that for mum. The Pho with beef balls is one of my favourites from Little Saigon Grill, as the broth is always so flavoursome, but I also quite like the Hanoi chicken rice ($11.90). However on our recent visit, I decided to try something new. It was the Mi Vit Tiem ($13.90) that caught my eyes. Mi Vit Tiem is egg noodle soup in duck broth with shitaki mushroom and Asian greens, mixed with ginger, cinnamon, star anise and other aromatic herbs. The rich broth was packed with flavour and if anything it was perhaps just a touch too strong for my liking.

I really wanted to have the 3 colour bean dessert with crushed ice and coconut milk ($4.50) but unfortunately they had ran out of one of the ingredients on the day, so I had a Vietnamese iced coffee instead ($4) and it was just as good.

Little Saigon Grill is fantastic place for some decent Vietnamese food that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $29.80

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