Red Hook | Gresham Lane, BRISBANE CBD QLD 4000

It was 2.30am and my eyes were wide open.

I was drooling over photos of the afternoon tea offered at Sketch in London when one thing led to another and I started reminiscing about all the food adventures that the other travel bunnie and I had abroad. When we were in the States, one of the proteins that I had most was lobster. Roasted Maine lobster au curry at Alain Ducasse's restaurant in Vegas, tender lobster at Le Bernadin in the Big Apple, lobster tail with steak on a cruise around the Caribbean, but the dish that struck me the most was a simple yet tantalising lobster roll from Luke's Lobster in New York City.

After we came back to Australia, I often craved a decent lobster roll but I had never been successful in finding one. Until recently when I got my hopes up again.

Red Hook in the Gresham Lane was my hope.

Red Hook is tucked away in the Brisbane CBD and this hot lunch spot intends to get you hooked on its New York street style food. It has a simple menu with all the usual favourites, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, burritos and wait for it, my favourite lobster rolls.

The other travel bunnie and I went there for lunch at the very early stages of their opening and it was packed with people, which is testament to the proven popularity of its big sister establishment, Public. The outdoor seating arrangement somehow reminded me of that day when the other travel bunnie and I were having Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. We placed our order at the counter, a Red Hook Lobster Roll($20) for me and a Brooklyn Cheeseburger ($12) for the other travel bunnie with a side of Champion fries ($4).

We waited for 45 minutes for our lunch. By then, I was so hungry that the feeling of hunger had already left my body. The lobster roll wasn't bad, but it lacked the sweetness that you can find in a really good lobster. I also found the abundance of red onions to be overpowering. But I am biased. The simple lobster roll that I had at Luke's Lobster was so delicious, it was orgasmic. It truly scarred me for life. Never will I be able to forget that toasted, buttered, split-top bun with a slather of mayonnaise, topped with 4 ounces of pure lobster and secret spices...

The other travel bunnie's burger was a simple American classic but probably wasn't worth a 45minute wait.
The guys at Red Hook worked very hard to get their orders out on the day of our visit, which as I have mentioned was during the very early stages of their opening when I believe they still had a few teething problems.

Red Hook is a great addition to Brisbane's dining scene. I'd love to go back and try something else but perhaps I'll wait for the hype to dye down a little.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $40

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