Macaron Masterclass at Spring

One of the wishes off my wish list to complete before I turn 30 was to be able to make perfect macarons.

Every now and then when I walk past Spring on my way home, I would take a peek into the room adjoining the Spring restaurant to see if anything exciting is happening.  On many occasions, the room would have all the necessary tools and utensils laid out on the marble kitchen bench, ready and prepared for the masterclass which Spring holds regularly.  

So when the opportunity came up, I decided to sign up for the Mighty Macaron Masterclass. The class itself was not as daunting as I had once thought. Turned out, it was taught over a few glasses of champagne while everyone gets involved by getting their hands dirty (or more accurately, covered with delicious ─Łanaches).

The class went for a little more than three hours, just the right amount of time for someone like me to learn the basics about how to make macarons successfully.

The class came with a price tag of $130 which I thought was a little overpriced for what was involved, but at the end of the day the other travel bunnie was extremely happy with the taste of my macarons and that’s all that mattered. 

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