The Spotted Pig | New York City, USA

If it’s cool enough for Bono and the Michelin inspectors it is defiantly cool enough for this bunnie.
On our second attempt at getting a meal at The Spotted Pig (our first unsuccessful attempt was on a cold week night when we were told the wait would be approximately 45mins and given that we were relative NYC Newbie, we walked away in shock) we tried a more strategic approach by lining up before the lunchtime opening and were guaranteed the table of our choice (which of course was in the upstairs section of the restaurant which offers dinners a little more space).
From the second we enter this cozy little corner establishment you are transported to an English pub that is full of quirky memorabilia (which is if course dominated by a porky little four legged friends that go oink oink oink). Even before we sat down the famed ‘best burger and chips in town” mantra was already going through my mind and so ordering was simple. I chose the Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort & Shoestrings ($20) while the other travel bunnie was feeling festive enough to go with the Cubano Sandwich with Arugula Salad ($18). So the verdict, my burger was good…… if by good you mean juicy, tender, tasty and ohh-soo-cheesy that my mouth instinctively started salivating each time my hands brought it up of the plate. If possible (and this is a big if) the super-fine shoestring fries were even better than the burger and the fired garlic slithers and fresh rosemary in them made them even more resistible.
The other bunnie told me afterwards that his cubano sandwich was pretty good but I zoned out for most of lunch given I was in burger heaven. Great food, confined but cozy seating and fun and funky staff all combine to give this NYC gastropub not only a star in Michelin’s eyes but thumbs up from the travel bunnies.
Total Bunnie Dollars Spent $52USD (including tips)

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