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After a cool (and I do mean cold) afternoon cruise around Manhatten and then the obligatory walk along The High Line the bunnies found themselves looking for a little afternoon snack in the Chelsea Meatpacking district. After a quick check of the must see list we made a bee line for the famous and historical Chelsea Market. After some initial difficulties in finding the entrance to the markets (which I attribute to sudden onset brain freezing given that we found ourselves significantly underdressed for the gusty winds that seeming gale down the streets of this part of town) we quickly surveyed the maze of alleys in the market complex and settled on the relatively quiet Friedman's Lunch.

The restaurant had a rustic open plan settling but was elegantly decked out in christmas cheer and was too inviting to resist. After quick look at the specials plastered on the blackboards on the walls I decided to order the Asian chop salad ($15USD), while the other travel bunnie thought that a NY State lamb burger ($16USD) would help fill the void left in his cold and hungry tummy. Both meals were affordable and fresh (to the point that you really tasted the fresh organic produced used by the chefs).

It is difficult to take more than three steps in the Chelsea Market without having your senses of smell and sight pull you into any number of cool eateries but Friedman's Lunch definitely stands proud at the top of the options for quick and yummy hearty food.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $40USD(including tips) 

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