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    On a particularly stunning winters days in NYC I declared to the other travel bunnie upon awakening that we were in for a big day of food. I think he muttered in response (much like any other day then is it?) but that is not particularity relevant for review purposed. As the day progressed we faced the age old conundrum of differing urges. I had to have some more lobster (as the red-ish hue from my winter cheeks was fading and I was sure that more lobster was the only way to put the colour back into them) while the other travel bunnie was insisting on a traditional pork sandwich.

    Russ & Daughters is where we started out on the Lower East side and what better way to start the day with the this famous provider of all things smoked and cured. Upon entering the deli and taking a number we were quickly disheartened that it looked as though it would be a long time before we would be placing our order. It appeared as though the food Gods were smiling upon as that day as one patron had to leave suddenly and in a sign of Amercian-Australian friendliness gave us his ordering ticked which meant we saved at least 15 mins in the line. We both ordered the cream cheese and salmon bagels and were not disappointed by both the texture of the bagel or the freshness of the salmon. I am told that this deli has been serving its locals and tourists alike for almost a century and all I can say is that if Anthony Bourdain puts it on his top 13 places to eat at before you die you absolutely must give it a try. 

    Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $28USD (excluding tips)

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    Luke's Lobster is a hole-in-the wall style shop with 8 stools and an whole lot of oh-so-juicy lobster. This east village location is in fact the very first of the chain's stores and stays true to it simple eating options. I of course ordered the lobster roll which is simply a toasted, buttered, split-top bun with a slather of mayonnaise, topped with 4 ounces of pure lobster and secret spices. Throw in a side of potato chips, a Maine Root Mexican Cola and the staple pickle and my craving was immediately satisfied. 

    Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $17USD (excluding tips)

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    Porchetta is where you would have found the other travel bunnie while I was passionately devouring my Lobster Roll. It is literally 1 minute down the street for Luke's Lobster and is set up in much the same way. Given that the other travel bunnie was only gone for a matter of minutes before returning to find me at Luke's and proudly presenting his Porchetta sandwich ($12USD). The recipe was simple, a crispy roll with succulent pork topped with crispy skin. The other bunnie tells me that the roll was perfectly seasoned and other than being a little difficult to eat as quickly as he wanted to (given the quantity of pork and the crispness of the crackling) it was the perfect afternoon snack. 

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