Katz's Deli | New York City, USA

So what can a bunnie say about NYC’s number one deli, Katz's Delicatessen... only that it may have the very best breaky ever!

Let me paint the picture; it was cold (very cold by the travel bunnies standards) and we had decided to venture out of our warm hotel to locate this most famous of dinners and chow down on some heart warming food. After a “brisk” walk around the lower east side, we literally stumbled across the entrance to Katz’s and were initially surprised by the lack of a line of tourists waiting to get in. Thinking that locating the place was the hard part we casually strolled up to the counter and though we would wing the whole ordering process.  Big mistake!  The menu that is plastered all over the wall behind the food counter is HUGE and the guys behind the counter despite trying to repeatedly explain the process of how to order properly all they did was re-enact what felt like a scene out of the Seinfeld.  Eventually, we decided on the pastrami omelette ($13.95USD) and the pastrami sub ($13USD or there about). The food was the perfect winter warmer and the paper thin sliced sweet pastrami was layered on so thick that my mouth had to use the melted cheese to slide down my throat.  It was a labour of love and by the end of our meals we were both almost ready for a mid-morning siesta.  Unfortunately, there was WAY too many more things to see and do so out we hopped (on our way past the dinners other massive wall of past dining celebrity pics) and back in to the blustery cold!

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $30USD (or there about)

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