Rouj Modern Lebanese | Shop 3, 21 Nash Street, ROSALIE QLD 4064

One of the bloggers that I follow has just recently been to the Middle East, which sparked my desire to have something exotic for dinner.

We searched around on the internet and found Rouj Modern Lebanese Cuisine in Rosalie.

As we stepped inside the restaurant, we were slightly disappointed with its décor. There was no intimacy and no exotica. In fact, the florescent light placed right above my head made me feel more like I was eating in a food court and I started having doubts about this place.

My doubts vanished almost immediately after I took my first bite of the Lahem bi Ajeen – pastry shell filled with leg of lamb mince, tomato, onion, nuts & spices ($11.50 for three).

The spring roll like entrée was followed by even tastier main meals. We had the Mansaf – slow cooked leg of lamb pieces, served with fragrant rice, tabouleh and topped with nuts and caramelised onion ($26.50) and Shish Tawouk – flame grilled chicken tenderloin marinated in garlic paste, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, served with fattouch salad and fried chips($24.50).

I absolutely adored the vibrant colours presented on the lamb dish. Now, growing up in an Asian family, I've had lots of rice, but the rice that came with the Mansaf was nothing like I've tasted before. The exotic middle eastern flavours of pomegranate, pine nuts, pistachio and tender lamb meat kept exploding in my mouth one after another.

People always say that you can't judge a book by its cover. Well, don't let the interior of Rouj fool you, let its food entertain your taste buds.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $72.

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