Spicers Balfour Hotel | 37 Balfour Street, BRISBANE QLD 4005

I had recently found Jane Webster's At my French Table at the State Library.  I love books, especially books with beautiful travel photos or books with beautifully written words about places that I want to visit or revisit.  Without any hesitation, the book was borrowed and so my entire Saturday afternoon was spent curled up on the lounge chair outside on the balcony under the sun, flipping through the pages.

'I wanna go for a holiday' I said to the other travel bunnie. He looked at me with a face full of question marks, 'but we just came back from America a while ago and we have two more holidays coming up...'

I ignored his comment and continued murmuring to myself how wonderful it would be if we could just have a quick getaway, straight away.

An immediate holiday was obviously nothing but a sweet hope given that I still have three weeks of negative annual leave owing to my employer.

But the other travel bunnie had an idea.

He woke me up on Sunday morning and said that he was taking me somewhere different for breakfast. Meh, I thought...until we arrived at what looked like a charming Queenslander located on quite suburban street.

We were at Spicers Balfour, a hotel owned and operated by one of the iconic Australian boutique hotel groups. As we stepped on the wooden stairs to go up to The Balfour Kitchen, I immediately fell in love with the dainty décor of this place. We were asked to take a seat at the library while they quickly set up a table for us on the balcony. The library looked like a shooting location from The Great Gatsby.

We had a quick look at the menu and decided to have a lavish breakfast affair; so we had their Full Breakfast.  At $35 per person, the full breakfast includes a continental selection from the breakfast bar, espresso style cafe or a pot of T2 tea, a choice from the A La Carte menu as well as a glass of their fresh juice of the day.

I couldn't go past the sound of their Big Breakfast ($20) which included everything that you could possible want, pork belly, sausages, perfectly poached eggs, you name it.  The other travel bunnie, on the other hand wanted something simpler. The meals, like the décor of this boutique hotel, were delightful.

We spent a long time at The Balfour Kitchen, sipping on coffee and soaking up as much sunshine as possible.

It was a romantic escape from the city without ever leaving it.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $70.

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