Toby's Estate Espresso Bar, 79 Albert Street, BRISBANE QLD 4000

I spent the weekend on the Gold Coast. Before I left on Saturday, we went to our new-found favourite shop in town – Folio Books. Afterwards, I was thirsty for some coffee.

Toby's Estate Espresso Bar was conveniently located across the street. It was quite and we found a table inside the narrow cafe.

We flipped through pages of the Travel section of the weekend newspaper and we had a flat white and an iced latte.

We found the staff rather rude and stuck-up, which was unfortunate because this cafe is so close to home and it could've been a regular spot for us to chill.

With so many cafes around town, perhaps Toby's staff should be kinder to their customers.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $7.20

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  1. awww I miss Brisbane!!! Lovin' your posts girl :)

    1. Thanks sweetie! i miss eating food with you! It looks like you're having loads of fun in Korea ^ 0 ^

  2. Hi. Just curious what u found rude. I manage the store so are always looking to deliver in the best possible manner. Constructive criticism is always good as we learn and better ourselves

    1. Hi there =), I totally agree with you on the constructive criticism comment.

      Around two weeks ago, we went to the cafe on a Saturday afternoon and as you can see, i ordered an iced latte. You see, I am a huge fan of sugar and my partner asked a female staff to see if the cafe has any sugar syrup to put into my latte. The girl cringed her face and replied "no! you don't have sugar syrup with an iced latte". You see, that's fine and I had no problem with that. But then she turned around and very loudly laughed and told her colleague about our request as if it was the most absurd thing that she's ever heard in her life.

      To say something like that right in front of your customers is not only impolite, but very unprofessional.

      We enjoyed the coffee but perhaps she was having a bad day?

    2. Thanks I'll follow that up. We don't actually use syrups but is definately no excuse for that reaction. I will visit the cafe at 10am on Saturday. Feel free to come down and I will ensure that you get some free drinks. If not please come ask for the manager another time. Either way, please accept my sincere apologies and happy coffee drinking

    3. Thank you for your comment and I'm sure she was just having a bad day. Like I said, we enjoyed the coffee and we look forward to seeing you soon. =)