Ruby Cafe, 233 Given Terrace, PADDINGTON QLD 4064

I bought some sweet mangoes and strawberries on Friday night and on Saturday we were to lazy to head out to breakfast, so the other travel bunnie made cinnamon dusted Greek yoghurt with fresh fruits.

So this morning, the bunnies went out to Ruby Cafe in Paddington for some morning goodness. I actually prefer going out for breakfast on Sundays now, as we can read the Escape section of the Sunday newspaper while waiting for our meals.

Ruby Cafe, like most cafes on Given Terrace in this delightful suburb was buzzing with people when we arrived. The cafe wasn't big, a few tables lined next to each other along a pained wall with a kitchen and breakfast bar on the opposite side.

We found a table at the end of the cafe with a view overlooking the St. Brigid's Church at Red Hill, within minutes, a friendly waitress brought our drinks to the table. The Chai latte tasted so good. I used to drink a lot of Chai when I was at Uni and the taste of cinnamon was so comforting.

The food took a little longer to come out but given the business of the cafe, it was understandable. I had fancied french toast for sometime, so when I saw the Frenched brioche, nutella stuffed w' chewy maple ice cream ($16.50), I was slightly disappointed at the small portion. Sure it tasted nice, but I thought the dish was slightly overpriced for a single scoop of ice cream over one slice of thick toast. In comparison, the other travel bunnie's potato bravas & chorizo pan hash w' crisp fried eggs ($16.90) was much a better value. The dish had some spice to it, but it was nonetheless delicious. Ruby is definitely a good option among many strong contenders for breakfast business in trendy Paddington.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $41.40. 

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