Anise, 697 Brunswick Street, NEW FARM QLD 4005

I sneaked out of work at 5 o'clock on the dot today, although feeling slightly guilty, I knew that I had somewhere better to be, somewhere called Anise.

I went home to meet up with the other travel bunnie and decided to immediately club his head as he started talking about DPNs, cuz “ain't nobody got time for that!”

Anise is a lot smaller than I had pictured. In fact, this French bistro is so petite that it only sits 16 people on its high bar stools. The waiters/ bar tenders appeared to be very knowledgable of the wide wine selections available at the bistro, but the other travel bunnie and I are not wine drinkers so we wouldn’t know. We are more like... dessert eaters, you know.

Both la carte and 7-course degustation options are available for dinner. Degustations starts at $95 and goes up to $140 with matched wines.

Our dinner decisions were quick and easy. Pork belly has been my preferred choice for a while and that's what I had for entree $26. Excellent choice! The other bunnie went with the scallops which were plump and juicy but some of the other flavours on the plate were a little overwhelming for the delicate scallops.

The duck risotto with wild mushrooms ($36) for a main was cooked perfectly al dente with an intense, rich flavour, but it was out-shined by the lamb back-strap with bone marrow ($38) with its tender flavours and rich duck fat laden potato side.

We ended our night with their chocolate and cognac mousse (which was beautifully quenelled and pleasantly light in this textures and flavours) ($14).

Although the other travel bunnie considered Anise to be a great affair, I wasn't too convinced. I thought the bistro was a little too stuffy and my recent experience at Deer Duck Bistro has turned out to be too good to be trumped by this little New Farm bistro. 
Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $146

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