Beccofino, 10 Vernon Terrace, NEWSTEAD QLD 4006

Friday would usually involve window shopping in the city followed by a few episodes of Sex and the City while the other travel bunnie pretends to watch the TV but is in reality, sleeping. On the Friday night leading up to our anniversary weekend getaway, we decided to head out to Teneriffe as both of us had huge cravings for some authentic pizza.

Located in the hip area of Teneriffe, Beccofino is a popular place among the locals. The place was so busy, we literally had to queue to get into a queue. The staff were friendly enough to come around and take drink orders to keep us entertained. It was about thirty minutes before we got seated, but the food came out before we knew it. The thin-crusted pizzas were simple but delicious. The desserts were even better! The other travel bunnie had a semifreddo which was good, but the panna cotta I had was silky and creamy, and it was the perfect way to finish a delicious meal.

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $75.00


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  1. Beccofino is one of my favourite restaurants in Brisbane. Their pizzas are the best authentic ones I have tried around here! I have a craving for pizza and pasta haha...may have to go this weekend!

    1. sorry for the late reply, did you ended up going? I hope you had a fabulous weekend regardless! x

    2. I didn't end up getting there this weekend :-( Fingers crossed for a visit soon...even though I was there a couple of weekends ago haha!
      I did however, go to Cobble Stone Tea House for high tea and it was I have been to in Brisbane!
      I did have an excellent weekend, thanks!...hope yours was fab too! xo

    3. I jut looked up on Cobble Stone Tea House and it looks really good! It's definitely on my list now. x