25th Birthday post

Twenty five years ago today, I was born in a hospital located in the centre of a coastal city famous for its beaches, lush mountains and beer.

That city was colonised by Germans for many years and its captivating culture and architecture has always triggered my fascination and curiosity to explore.

Soon after I turned thirteen, I took a long-haul flight to a foreign country, a country girt by sea. And this country has been my home ever since.

I dreaded the moment of turning twenty-five. An age somehow interpreted by the general Chinese population as the deadline to settle down, get married and start a family. Perhaps occasionally, you will see a frown upon your auntie’s face because you are yet to have a ring on your finger. Perhaps occasionally, you will hear whispers saying “ai ya, what is wrong with her?”

I was depressed for the few months leading up to my birthday, the feeling of not achieving as much as people might have hoped for me to do so haunted me. Being raised in a Chinese family, it was expected for me to excel in school and find a secure and respectful career. So I questioned, have I done enough?

I remember the first day when I started school in Australia, surrounded by classmates but what came out of their mouths were not words which I could understand. It was a form an alien language to me.

I graduated university when I was 20, became an auditor and bought an apartment close to the ocean. The familiar smell of sea mist gives me a sense of security from my heritage.

In the past five years, I changed my job, became a CPA, almost finished my IPA study, met the love of my life and travelled around the world.

I look back at what I’ve achieved and it’s satisfying.

My parents are amazing, they have sacrificed so much for me and they have never given up on me. On top of that, I’ve found the most gorgeous man in my life and he’s amazingly kind, considerate and loving. He treats me like his bunny princess every single day and he’s always so supportive of what I do, no matter what.

I love life and I am truly grateful of the blessing from God for what he has given to me.

What I have planned for the next five years cannot be revealed just yet, but I am ready for it and I’m looking forward to sharing my happiness with all of you.

A big ‘thank you’ to all you guys out there reading my blog.

Weeeeee, Happy 25Th

Bunnie's Footnote: The birthday cake is from Chouquette and is consisted of a praline feuilletine base, layers of light mousse  - dark, milk and white chocolate and it's finished with  a mirror glaze, chocolate ribbons, macarons and gold leaf

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  1. Happy birthday pretty! xoxox, Karen.

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Hope your day was amazing and full of celebrations! Megan xx

    1. Thank you Megan! Hope you had a great weekend. x

  3. Happy Birthday! thats a shiny looking cake

    1. Thank you Corrie!! The cake was delicious. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. x