Little Larder, 76 Moray Street, NEW FARM QLD 4005

First, a confession: by the end of our holiday in Thailand, the other travel bunny and I were both craving for a good cup of coffee made with freshly grounded coffee beans and creamy milk sourced from a local farm. It wasn’t the fact that Thailand had nothing good to eat, trust me some of the food I ate in Thailand really excited my tastebuds, but the inability of us finding a good café on an island named Phuket made me miss the regular Saturday mornings of brekkie with latte.

Inevitably, the first Saturday after we got back from overseas, we immediately went back to our routine.

Breakfast was had at Little Larder, a rather popular spot located in New Farm. So popular, it is recommended that a reservation is made for a table on the weekends. We were lucky enough to share a long table with another couple. **Beginning of a bunnie’s gibberish ranting: I have always been envious of women gifted with long legs, they look good in heels, in skirts, in jeans, in sexy Agent Provocateur’s, in anything and they can walk around town with swagger. Perhaps I didn’t drink enough milk or stretch enough when I was little, I am what one might call “petite”. The wooden bench was so high that the other travel bunnie had to lift me up onto it, which was rather embarrassing in front of so many people. End of a bunnie’s gibberish ranting**.

Food and coffee arrived promptly and the portions were generous given the price. The Fry-Up ($12.50) was served with sautéed bacon, sausages, mushroom, onion, tomato and spinach on Turkish toast, it tasted delicious. We found a small cooked spider in my food but hey, that’s just adding protein with no extra cost (and no, I didn’t eat it). French toast w’ grilled banana & real maple syrup ($12.00) wasn’t the greatest I’ve had but the other travel bunny seemed happy with the fact that you get a whole bottle of maple syrup to yourself…

We enjoyed our time at Little Larder, the décor is nothing over the top but the painted walls certainly add character. The staff provided friendly and upbeat service. What more could you ask for?

Total Bunnie Dollars Spent: $32.00

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