Bunker, 21 Railway Terrace, MILTON QLD 4064

I have finally found my favourite place for a perfect cup of coffee. It's at Bunker.

This tiny hideout is a true paradise for serious coffee lovers. I never had the chance to pay a visit until a recent public holiday. I love the way those lush, green ivy creepers cover the walls. I love the unique cup in which my perfectly made latte was served and I can't get enough of their iced coffee ($4.50).

They have decided to do a trial run opening every Saturday from 7am to 1pm for 4 weeks. Pop over when you get a chance, Bunker is all about serious caffeine goodness.  

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  1. Those cups are pretty cool! and is that iced coffee in that brown bottle?
    Still yet to go here, not on our side of town I'm afraid... good to know they are open saturdays.


    1. Morning Corrie! Yes, that's iced coffee and it tasted gooood. I wanted to go there for ages as well, hope they've decided to open on the weekends permanently.

    2. Im afraid they tweeted the other day that their trial of opening Saturday mornings is over... *sad

    3. you're kidding! i'm devastated. that place is so awesome and now i don't know when i'll get another chance to go there.