Macau, CHINA

Hmm, Macau was never on our priority travel list, but since it's so close to Hong Kong and it's been known as the Vegas of the East, we jumped onto a Cotaijet and made our way there. 

I can't say that we did much other than me stuffing my face with their famous Portuguese custard tarts (constantly) and of course, seeing all those great heritage sights. 

The only disappointment was that I got my wallet stolen (in seconds!) and I was disgruntled (for about an hour and then I had more tarts) at the fact that it was a limited edition Louis. 

Here are some photos:

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  1. OMG...portuguese tarts from Macau are the I am craving one!!!

    1. LoL, tell me about it!!! i had so many of them when i was there!!!